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Standard plan: $500 per year with a 30-day money back guarantee

The ProfitLayers™ tool combines harvest, seeding, tillage and application data across your field to estimate revenues and costs. Add in other costs such as insurance, field passes, labor, and more for accuracy.

Use ProfitLayers™ in your planning for the next growing season, record-keeping, or as a snapshot of your profits and costs for any season.

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Easily Edit & Add Data

We pre-load your operational data, but understand not everything gets captured by equipment. Easily edit prices on existing data, or add new operations for harvests, seedings, and applications.

Example of Harvest revenues customization.
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Breakdown by Zones

Breakdown your profits and costs further with zones - determine the profits and costs for specified areas, compare across zones, and customize your analysis.

Push your profit maps and summaries back into the John Deere Operations Center for advanced analysis, comparison with other fields, and record keeping.

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Connection with Ag-Analytics®

  • Try out ProfitLayers™ 4 Climate - Create Custom Profit Maps and Analytics from Your Precision Ag Data
  • Easily Connect your FieldView™ Account in Less than a Minute
  • $500 per year, with 30-day money back guarantee

Uses YOUR Data

Connected to your precision ag system, ProfitLayers™ uses your operational data to produce its maps and summaries.

Fully Customizable

Add, edit, and delete operations as needed. We fill in prices for you to start - edit all prices as you desire for further customizability.

Easy Reporting

Create PDF reports of your profit maps and summaries for easy reporting to consultants, insurance agents, and more.

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