Ag-Analytics® is partnering with Universities to exchange ideas and perspectives between researchers and our subject matter experts.

  • Ag-Analytics® has the subject matter experts and system, while researchers are at the cutting edge of analytics thinking. Combining the two has unlimited possibilities.
  • The research being done will span across many important areas of agriculture with the intent to help farmers mitigate risk, combat volatile weather, and more.

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University Partners

Yield Prediction
LSU AgCenter and Ag-Analytics® are partnering to help farmers maintain and improve yields through the use of machine learning and big data by opening communication between the university professors and researchers who work at the cutting edge of analytics thinking and Ag-Analytics® subject matter experts who work on the frontlines of the application of these ideas, with the goal of these efforts being to jointly coauthor academic publications and jointly develop open source Software.

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Precision Agriculture Research

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Ag-Analytics® are partnering to perform research on precision agriculture data for various studies.

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