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Welcome to Ag-Analytics®

Who are we?

Ag-Analytics® is an agricultural-technology startup based in beautiful Ithaca, NY. We specialize in automating the integration and modeling of agricultural data for farm management and ag-finance related applications.

Explore How We Do It

Valuable Data

We house a lot of data, providing farmers with efficient tools to get real-time feeds about their fields, from weather, to RMA insurance estimates, to satellite imagery.

How It Works


We work and collaborate with various partners and organizations, such as the National Corn Growers Association, Microsoft, and Esri, to name a few.

Partners & Connections

University Roots

Born at a university, we understand the Land Grant University system. We work with Universities to make advanced research and development possible.

University Partners

Our Services

Our tools and services provide helpful insights and data visualization to our users.

Discover Data

We serve up public data such as historical and current weather, cropland history, soil types, and more for users to explore their field's data.

Advanced Tools

Our advanced tools such as ProfitLayers and ProfitAI use operational data from precision field data integrations (learn more) to create custom analytics, data layers, and more.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions for enterprises, dealers, and other organizations to fit customized needs. Contact us today to see how Ag-Analytics® can help you.

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Advisory Board

Meet our advisory board for Ag-Analytics®.

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