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01. The Basics

How does Ag-Analytics® work?

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Public Data

It starts with various public data resources, such as USGS and NASA data. We pull in this data for your field to display important information such as soil types, historical weather, and more.

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Precision Agricultural Data

Next, we securely pull in User precision agricultural data (User opt-in, via account sign-up) to use with more advanced tools, such as ProfitLayers™, for field-specific insights.

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Models and Algorithims

Combining both Public and User Data, we can now run Machine-Learning models and other algorithims to provide intelligent Forecasting and Prediction tools, such as ProfitAI™.

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Data Visualization and Results

The last step is the most important - making sure the data is then easily displayed and visualized through our intelligent tools and services. We keep user-friendliness and simplicity in mind for a hassle-free experience.


02. What We Do

Precision ag — made easy

We understand how complex precision agriculture can be - but also how important it is to managing farm operations, research, development, and more.

Integrate with Precision Ag Platforms

Securely use your data from the most common precision agriculture platforms with Ag-Analytics® tools to easily analyze soil and weather on your fields, calculate crop insurance scenarios and more.

Save Your Information

You can create an account to save your fields, run custom insurance and risk scenarios, and even integrate with your precision agriculture equipment platform.

Understand Your Data

Understand your data and field's profile with our tools that combine public data and your precision ag (or, operational) data, giving you the knowledge and tools you need for better farm management decision-making.

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03. Ease of Use

Data at your Fingertips

Viewing data has never been easier.

Public Data

We provide data for your field(s) from various public resources, such as USGS, NASA, USDA, and more. This includes satellite imagery and NDVI data, historical and current weather data, historical crop land cover, soil types, soil variables, and more.


Precision Ag Data

Through connections with precision ag systems, we can securely pull your operational data for harvests, seedings, plantings, applications, tillage, and more for advanced tools and analysis.


Developer Resources

We offer APIs through our Agalytics™ API Developer portal to automate and scale analysis', research, and development for academics, researchers, and developers.


04. Core Features

Farm Management wherever you are

Learn more about the core features of Ag-Analytics® - check out our Tools page to explore additional and advanced tools and services.

All Tools & Services
Use the Ag-Analytics® FARMSCOPE® agricultural plot mapping tool and system to easily zoom down and find your fields, and pull in a variety of real-time and historical data on your plots. This tool serves up a variety of useful information to help you better manage your plots including historical maps of historical planting estimates, soil data, real-time and historical weather data and more.
Use the Ag-Analytics® FIELDMANAGER® farm database system to manage your plots, record practice data, view breakdowns of inputs by nutrients, and analyze your historical records.
Use the Ag-Analytics® FARMCONDITIONSLIVE™ live regional field conditions monitoring system to see NDVI data, satellite imagery, precipitation data, and growing degree days data for a quick snapshot of your field's current conditions - wherever you are in the world.
With precision ag connections, our advanced tools and services can provide true data analysis and visualization for your farm's operational data. Use ProfitLayers to build profit maps and summaries for your profits and costs, ProfitAi to look ahead at profit and yield forecasts, and more.
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Discover data for your field(s) easily with FARMSCOPE® - free with signup of an Ag-Analytics® account! Check out soil types, historical and current weather data, current field conditions, and more.


Connect Precision Ag

Connect your preferred Precision Ag system for advanced insights & features.