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Connect with the John Deere Operations Center by visiting the Deere Integration page. Once you've reviewed and accepted the Terms and Conditions, you'll head over to the John Deere Operations Center to login and connect your account. Once done, you'll be brought back to Farmscope®.
Sign up for the National Corn Growers Association Rating Study by visiting the Rating Study page, where you can learn a bit more about the study and easily participate. Please note, this rating study is currently for growers utilizing the John Deere Operations Center only.

Purchase Portals

You will first want to signin or signup for an Ag-Analytics® account. After this, head over to the Tools & Services page to browse our products and plans. Once you have chosen the plan you'd like to purchase, click the Purchase button or simply head over to the Purchase Portal to make your selection and purchase.
First, head over to the Agalytics APIs Developer Portal, where you can learn more about our current API offerings. Then, make way to the API Purchase Portal. You will be asked to log in once more (or sign up, if first time), then you can easily pick and choose what API(s) you would like. Please note, while you can purchase API's à la carte, you must buy from within a singular tier (i.e. Academic, Professional, etc).
Please contact us here, or head over to our Contact page for additional ways to reach us.

Tools & Services

You can use FARMSCOPE® both as a guest and logged in with an Ag-Analytics® account. For best results, we recommend creating an Ag-Analytics® account, then heading over to FARMSCOPE®. Click down on the map until you find your field, select, then you will be presented with various data for that selected field and tools for further analysis. You can "Claim a Field" to add the field to your FIELDMANAGER®, allowing you to add and edit important field information for record-keeping. If connected with the John Deere Operations Center, your fields will be automatically integrated and displayed within FARMSCOPE®, with the option to add and claim new fields manually as needed.
The ProfitLayers tool is best used when connected with the John Deere Operations Center, as this tool uses as-seeded/harvested/applied operation files as a basis for generating Profit Maps and summaries. Once connected, your operation files for the selected field will display - with the option to add in other harvest/seeding/application files you may have for that field (+/- 1 year), manually add additional operation files and costs, and customize the pre-populated prices from our proprietary price database. Simply then click "Generate Profit Map", and your profit map for that field will be created complete with summaries, variety and operation file breakdowns, and the ability to push back to the John Deere Operations Center. If you feel any of your operation files are missing for a selected field, select "Update Deere Data" to have our system re-check for and update with any files we may have missed.
Our Push Services - SSURGO Soils and NCCPI - push the respective map layer for your field back to the John Deere Operations Center; SSURGO Soils pushes your field's soil types, and NCCPI pushes your field's Commodity Crop Productivity Index. These services have a one-time fee.
Some of our newer tools, Planting Datebeta and Tillage IDbeta use machine-learning and various data to identify the most likely planting date for a crop within a given year, and whether or not a field has been tilled in a given year (respectively). To use these tools, simply head to your desired tool page, select the year you'd like to look at, and let our tools do the magic. Please note, due to the beta nature of these tools, results may take a few moments.


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