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farm data meets big data.

Feeding the world is a simultaneously complex and urgent mission with millions of fields, billions of acres and stakeholders with their own agendas: Farmers, researchers, university extensions and their growers, insurance companies and other agribusinesses offering a wide range of vital products and services. Serving them all requires engaging everyone.

The Ag-Analytics platform brings these diverse interests together allowing farmers, universities, researchers, and agribusiness to connect. Our platform and analytics leverage public/private partnerships to build-out a global footprint. Our analytics and research spans a wide variety of areas in environmental modeling, risk management, geospatial analysis, agricultural finance, actuarial modeling and policy, serving a wide variety of clients including farmers, agribusinesses, financial institutions, government, and others. We offer competitive salaries, an attractive incentive program, and convenient and flexible working hours and great location.

To apply for a position, please use the postings below or email us with your resume/CV and position desired.

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